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Who We Help

Throughout our 25 year history most of our work has been in conjunction with Southern Baptist Churches, however we also have reached across denominational lines to help churches who are reaching people with the gospel of Christ. Decisions to partner with churches are made based on the following criteria:

  1. The church or ministry must affirm and submit to the authority and inerrancy of God’s Word, the Bible.

  2. The church or ministry must be distinctively evangelical, believing the gospel is God’s gift of salvation to sinners through Christ alone, by faith alone.

  3. The church or ministry must be unified in its decision to enter into a construction effort.

We prayerfully consider requests on a first come basis. A final decision is made based on:

  1. Evaluating the 3 criteria listed above.

  2. Our ability to perform the work requested.

  3. Our availability at the time in which work is needed.

CACB, under the direction of the Officers and Directors may commit to assist humanitarian projects such as boys’ and girls’ camps, children’s homes, special needs facilities, etc. under the following guidelines:

  1. Churches will have first priority in planning and scheduling.

  2. The humanitarian project under consideration must minister to the physical needs of people in a Biblically appropriate manner.


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